Did you try turning the government off and on again?

I didn't want to post about the  government shutdown, I really didn't. I think our politicians have failed us once again. I try to stay away from politics because it is such a big machine that never changes.

This weekend I went on a little vacation out of town. I rented a cabin in the woods that had a hot tub for me and my lady friend to get away from the city for a while. For the most part everything was a success. We left town. We drank in a hot tub. we didn't keep up with what was happening with the rest of the world.

Everything was great.

Until we tried to go to the beach. Then we discovered that most of the beaches were closed. It's not that the beach it self was completely inaccessible, it's that the convenient place to get beach access was closed because the government decided to shut down.

I think we really need to treat our politicians like we do a wireless router that's acting up. Reset it! I can't really think of anyone that is happy with how our elected officials get anything done, and since no one is really happy with who's in there now, lets at least get some people in there that will work together.

I know it will never happen. But wouldn't it be nice if politicians actually did their jobs so we wouldn't constantly have crisis after crisis on hand? Fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, government shutdown, what's next? There's always something next.


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