When Mixing Passion With Hustling Can Fail

Bronies Before Hoenies
Bronies before Hoenies
Today's post is a guest post that is featured over at Budgets Are Sexy.
Most personal finance sites I read have at least 1 post (or entire sections) about having a side hustle. The reasons behind why you should do this usually falls into “diversify your income streams” or simply, “increase your income.” The two ideas go hand in hand so it really doesn’t matter which reasoning you are using because all apply.

I’ve been told that the best side hustles are doing something that you are passionate about. If you enjoy graphic design, creating websites on the side might be a good idea. If you like to find bargains at flea markets, then maybe you should open a shop on eBay or Amazon with what you find. If it’s something that you enjoy, then you get to enjoy the experience along with making a side income – a win-win scenario.

I have always been reluctant to find a side hustle. Personally, I view my free time as valuable so whatever hustle I do has to either moderately pay me back, or have the potential to really pay me back.

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