What did we do? TurboTax Backtracks

It takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it.

Forgive me my love by Jason Lips

Yesterday I received an email from TurboTax titled:

"Our apologies. We're fixing things."

I didn't buy TurboTax this year because they changed their software so that I would have to pay twice as much to get my taxes done. Apparently the backlash of other customers who didn't realize this, and people like myself who simply choose not to use them for their taxes this year they decided they needed to fix things.

So it looks like they are giving out a lot of free software upgrades to what people were expecting and hoping that will repair the damage that was done. I kind of view this as too little too late. While I haven't actually bought software to do my taxes this year I did my research on what I would have needed and already found a cheaper option.

While I'm sure that this approach will save them a lot of customers, especially ones that haven't done their taxes yet, they already lost me. What they did this year makes me wonder if next year they will just raise the base price instead of making us need the upgrade like this year.

Also on another note with TurboTax, apparently there are many states that aren't accepting returns right now from TurboTax because of a large amount of fraudulent claims.... It just doesn't look like things are going well for them this year. Partially their fault, partially not.

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