I Replaced Myself With a Robot at Work

I love bacon. Seriously, it was one of the hardest things about giving up food. I was actually up cooking bacon on the last night of my "give up food for a month" challenge so that once it turned midnight and it had been a full month, I could start off eating again with Bacon!

Anyways, from time to time I will be contributing over at Makin the Bacon either till Karen thinks my articles are stupid, or I run out of things to say... Either could be likely to happen, eek!

push button receive bacon

Robots are cold hard calculating machines.

Perhaps it's their pragmatic approach to work that makes them so efficient. Maybe it's their lack of empathy so they don't waste time gossiping with coworkers. Or maybe it's because they don't need sustenance to keep going so things like lunch breaks and food comas are irrelevant.

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  1. Zee,
    Since you don't spend time getting to know people at work, I am curious how you are able to distinguish that "one person" that you might possibly hang out with outside of work. What makes them standout as a potential friend? As for your questions, I personally have always had the mindset of being in charge at some point. What that meant in my past jobs is that I was friendly and helpful, but I didn't mix my personal life with my work life. It was more about earning respect, than making friends. I did fall into the trap of making friends at one point in my life and low and behold I ended up having to fire someone who became a friend. I think the worst part is I allowed my personal life view of them to get in the way and I kept them around a lot longer than I would have had I not been their friend. When I am at work, I am there to get my work done. Sure I will laugh and share a story or two, but I am not looking for a new social circle.

    On another note, romantic relationships are an absolute no no for me, even in big corporations. Why? Well funny enough I had this conversation with a friend of mine who worked at a very large company. One where it would be difficult to run into your "ex". However, just knowing that there was still a small chance made going to work difficult for her. Plus, were is the escape during the grief process? It's high risk with low reward potential. And even if one person can hold their emotions separately, it doesn't mean the other one can. And probably my biggest reason is I would rather be with someone where work wasn't the foundation of our relationship. This is also true of friendships. I would prefer to talk about a variety of things rather than get wrapped up into "work". I have a lot of friends in the same field as me and even that can be tiring at times. I love what I do, but I want to be able to escape it too. Plus, people can get caddy and who really wants to get in the middle of work drama. As soon as you are "friends" with someone at work, they may confide in you some things that may get in the way of work later.

  2. LOL!!! You're too funny. Love the bacon pic btw. I just had some this morning and then forgot I was sort of Catholic and I shouldn't be eating meat on Good Friday. And I ate red meat. Ah well. Don't tell my mom.:P

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