Make your Mom proud this Mother's Day!

Sulcata - Plato
Happy Mother's Day from Plato
This is Plato. Eighteen years ago he was a Mother's day present for my mom, back then he was the size of a quarter and would get stuck on blades of grass in the lawn. Today he weighs somewhere around 65 pounds and is probably a little over half way done growing. (Yikes!) 
I can’t say that Plato was the most well thought out present, as he’s required numerous different enclosures while growing up (and eventually barricades to keep him from causing damage to the house), but he’s an extension of the family now. He's simply a force of nature in my parents back yard. Would we ever give him up? Not unless we had to. But would I ever consider a gift like this ever again? Not a chance in hell.

Which brings me to the idea of what should you get your mom for Mother’s day. I know that my Mom always says that she doesn’t want anything, or “just a card” is a common response I hear every year. So instead of giving extravagant gifts (or a lifetime responsibility of a tortoise that will outlive us all), why don’t you make your Mother proud this Mother’s Day!

Everyone's Mother will tell their children that they are proud of them, but in reality, do you think that your Mom is proud of how you handle your finances? Really think about it for a minute? Would she approve of you stashing away only 4% of your paycheck every month while having that flashy new car or that huge enormous flat screen TV? Most Mom’s that I know don’t care about those kinds of things.

Would your mom be proud of all the debt you still have remaining? Or your scrawny savings rate? How about the balance of your retirement accounts? You have one of those right?
Maybe this year instead of getting your mom a Kindle that she’ll use for a few months and then forget about, what if you gave her a card that said, “Thanks for all the love and support all these years, I couldn’t make it to where I am without you. By the way I have killed all my debt and I’m financially stable, you can now close the bank of Mom and Dad permanently, thanks!”
I bet your Mom would love that.
Oh, and flowers. Mom’s love flowers.


  1. Hi,

    I just spend a beautiful Sunday with my mom, having a nice lunch outside and then a nice walk in the forest. That gave her more happiness than everything in the world.

    Very happy to hear that you are debt free and financially stable. That is the beginning of you financial independence. Well done.

    Cheers, RA50

    1. RA50,

      Sounds like you had a nice Mother's Day yourself! Spending time with the people you care about is probably one of the best things I think you can give someone.