The Simplest Budgeting/Savings Plan Ever!

"... imagine a stranger holding the item you are thinking of buying in one hand, and the cash equivalent in the other. Which one would you take?"

Live like you're Unemployed!

If you can live like you're unemployed you can budget for anything! Also, you can really learn what is really important to you. (Hint: memories and experiences usually trump stuff!)

Amazon Hacking! How to get the most out of Amazon

Tips and Tricks on getting the most out of Amazon.com

Keeping up with the Bloggers. Can I really save as much as the bloggers out there?

In a world where everyone is "keeping up with the Joneses", should you really try to "keep up with the bloggers?" Personal Finance writers tend to take things to the opposite extremes...

Practical ways to cut the cord (or how much I hate Comcast my cable company)

Cable bills are getting out of hand, and everything is moving online somewhere. Here is an explanation of different ways that you can make the switch.

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