My Favorite Posts

Here is a collection of my favorite posts. These may not be the most popular posts (though many are), but these are the ones that I would recommend starting with.

My Most Embarrassing Job Interview Moment

You know those times when you do something stupid in front of someone you're trying to impress. This was one of those times.

Did Your Parents Ever Give You The Talk? (...About Credit Cards)

Did you ever get "The Talk" about credit cards. You know, the birds and the bees..... If you didn't you need to read this.

What Is Middle Class Income?

Analysis on what I think the middle class income really is.

When Mixing Passion With Hustling Can Fail

Lots of people have a side hustle for an extra income stream. This is how I failed at a side hustle.

I'm Buying My Time

I work because I don't own my time, how do we figure out what our time is worth?

Strive To Be Lazy

Work smarter, not harder. If you do things the right way the first time then it will make everything easier down the road.

Why is saving money such a stigma?

Why do people view responsibly saving as "not living life to it's fullest"? Do I have to waste money to live properly?

Workplace Bullying 

I was bullied at work for a long time, and the sad part was, I didn't even realize it at first. Hopefully my experience can help others deal with this terrible situation.

Keeping up with the Bloggers. Can I really save as much as the bloggers out there?

Everyone has heard of "Keeping up with the Joneses" but what about all the bloggers that brag about their savings? How can we keep up with them? Should we try to measure ourselves against them?

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