Behavioral Finance

When To Give Up 

I'm not saying you should always take the safe route and give up on your dreams, but weigh how important your dreams are to you and the reality of making them happen. If you want it bad enough then keep at it, don't give up. When it comes to investing, don't dream that it will turn around, listen to the market, have an exit strategy.

Overestimation Versus Underestimation

Why do we over and under estimate? Which is better to do and reasons for each.

Surround Yourself With Likeminded People

The debate of Nature versus Nurture will likely go on for longer than I live, but since I have no control over my genetics I have to rely on the nurture aspect to help push the changes I want to see in myself through to the surface.

Money and Relationships

Have you ever let money ruin a relationship?


The Placebo Effect

"The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it." - Henry David Thoreau


When should I buy a house? Avoiding the Winner's Curse

We all know that we should be financially ready to purchase a house, but when is the best time for the market to be a home buyer?

I'm Buying My Time

"The way that I view it, I don't own my time, and that is the most important thing to me. Money is a way for me to acquire my own time. Right now, my time has to be spent making money so that when I do take vacations or want to do something I can afford to take that time off of work..."

The Simplest Budget/Savings Plan Ever!

One simple mind trick that could revolutionize your finances.

Why is saving money such a stigma?

With the recent trend of YOLO (you only live once), why do people get disappointed when you want to save your money instead of waste is on things you don't need?

Personal Finance and Personality Disorders: Help or Hindrance?

"For those of us who have lived with personality disorders you know that they can affect all aspects of your life ... I started to wonder if my moods can affect my personal finance choices or if other personality disorders can affect personal finance. So with that thought in mind, let's speculate."

Keeping up with the Bloggers. Can I really save as much as the bloggers out there?

In a world where everyone is "keeping up with the Joneses", should you really try to "keep up with the bloggers?" Personal Finance writers tend to take things to the opposite extremes...

Does what's important to you change your memory?

In the past I've felt nervous about things like starting new jobs, knowing that I will probably only do that a handful of times in my life so in theory, it should be a marker or a milestone in my own personal time line. ... I look back and think of all the times I started other jobs and now those moments don't seem so important anymore. I wonder if it's because I'm older and I've gone through more. Or maybe it's because I'm starting to know what is important, or that I've re-categorized what is important to me, and that has changed those past events.


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